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Below the surface.
Beyond your imagination.

Voyage to the undersea world in safety and comfort.


Your Submarine Adventure Awaits...

• State-of-the-art exploration vessels
• Extraordinary, unobstructed undersea views
• Excellent visibility of coral and a wide variety of marine life
• Enjoy total comfort with proven, tested technology
• All the wonders of the undersea world are only inches away


   State of the Art  Vessels   

Triton DeepView 24.jpg

Triton DeepView 24

A fully ABS Class A1 Submersible 24 passenger and two crew tourist submarine. This extremely exciting submarine was specifically designed for the luxury tourist leisure market. The excursion will be about 90 minutes including travel time to and from the dive site.

Triton DeepView 660 AVA.jpg

Triton DeepView 660/9 AVA

This is a unique opportunity for small groups of up to 8 people to do a variety of fun group functions. These could include a wine and cheese tasting, their very own mini casino night, an underwater wedding ceremony, celebrating a milestone anniversary, or providing your child with the most exciting birthday party ever.

"Our goal is to provide customers an unforgettable experience, safely, comfortably and completely surrounded by the tropical waters of St. Thomas."

Ed Kwoka, Deep Blue Submarine Adventures CEO

Under the sea image 2.jpg

Experience the beauty that lies below.

Partnerships in Development

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Cruise Lines

We are currently in discussion with the largest cruise lines in the Caribbean to develop excursion packages built around their docking schedule and traveler profile.

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Hotels and Resorts

Deep Blue is presently establishing relationships with more than 10 of St. Thomas' best rated, high occupancy hotels & resorts to accommodate their guests.

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We are coordinating with a number of agencies and regulatory bureaus, particularly with the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority.

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Research partnerships are in development with the University of the Virgin Islands, Harbor Branch, the U.S. Geological Survey and more.

Contact Us

Deep Blue Submarine Adventures

8170 Crown Bay Marina, PMB 358
St. Thomas, VI 00802-5819

(609) 206-0593

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