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The Ocean is Life

Beyond tourism, Deep Blue Submarines is deeply invested in doing everything we can to improve our environment. With our state-of-the-art submarines, we are in the fortunate position to be able to contribute directly to both public education and academic advancement. Our submarines will be equipped with advanced instrumentation to collect and process essential geophysical data, turning every tour into a scientific expedition. We seek to collaborate with local and regional universities and research institutes to deliver essential data that will help us better understand the ecology of the marine environment, mitigate threats to our coral reefs, address the challenges of climate change and improve the relationship between humanity, ocean life and the planet we share. 

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Image by geoff trodd
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Committed to Sustainability

Deep Blue is committed to sustainable ecotourism. Our Triton Deepview 24 submarine is 100% electrically powered, our transport barge contains only environmentally friendly fluids and materials, and we are exploring the use of solar power for our facilities as well as to assist in recharging the batteries on our submarine. Beyond this, we are evaluating the potential for the use of a cistern to capture water for washing our vessels.

We are also exploring the possibility of using electric engines on our surface support vessels in the future when the technology matures enough to adequately support our requirements. Additionally, each of our surface support vessels will be equipped with net and waste storage containers so we can capture and dispose of trash and debris, helping to clean our oceans and reefs every time we set out on the water.

As a further part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, we intend to sponsor coral reef restoration pilot programs, including 3D printed coral reef habitats and coral reef seeding of more stress-tolerant species. Passengers will have the opportunity to donate to a non-profit of their choice along with the purchase of their ticket.

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